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Edu-Plus jobs

English Teacher with Add-ons

In a nutshell…
We are looking for ESL/EFL teachers, native and non-native English speakers located in London, UK and anywhere else in the world, to work in varied and flexible roles and we are offering unique career development opportunities. You are invited to shape your role and you can choose how your role with Alphabet Zone will develop and we will support you providing internal on-the-job training. You can choose to work full-time or part-time and whether to specialize more narrowly, e.g. teaching IELTS preparation and developing IELTS materials only, or if you would like to have a broader and more varied scope of responsibilities. For more details, read on.


About Alphabet Zone

We primarily focus on writing and developing online interactive TEFL materials and courses, while also offering lessons and courses with a teacher.
We like learning and developing.
We like thinking and coming up with brilliant ideas to make our and others’ lives simpler and better.


About the role(s)

Each role starts with 2 or 3 core components:
1. Teaching English as a second/foreign language to adult students (aged 18+). At the moment we are offering English for Life (general English), English for Work (general business English and industry-specific business English) as well as exam preparation lessons and courses.
2. Working on creating online interactive EFL/ESL materials and courses, which can be as little as writing content for specific activities within courses to as much as participating in designing activities and whole courses.
Additional (optional) elements of the roles:
– You can become Alphabet Zone’s local (regional or national) representative and main point of contact for our clients in the area where you are based.
– In the future you can develop towards working in our other product and service areas, which we will be adding gradually.
Everyone starts with an up-to-3-month paid trial period working remotely (telecommuting) and part-time and you can start with as little as 6 hours a week. During that time you will be able to try out doing different things and we will see how it works. There is always a possibility to work part-time in the long term, but for some it can become a full-time job.


About the requirements

– Excellent written and spoken English
– Excellent reading and listening comprehension skills
– TEFL qualified or other teaching qualifications
– Some (any) experience in teaching English as a foreign language. If you are just starting, like teaching and see that it works well for your students, it’s good enough for us. If you have many years of experience teaching, still like it and see that it works well for your students – also great!
– Reliable and open-minded with excellent interpersonal skills


About the recruitment and on-boarding process

1. Complete and submit the application form (see below), paying special attention to the Cover Letter section (re: ‘excellent written English’ requirement). You will have 72 hours (3 days) to edit it after submitting – only then we will save it and look at it.
2. You will be contacted within 2 weeks at the e-mail address you provide in the application form and if you make it to the next round, you will be asked to send in your CV/resume and other documents (diplomas, certificates, etc.).
3. The next step is a kind of job interview, though in fact it will be more like an online meeting during which we will try to decide what / how / when, etc. so that it works well for all parties involved.
4. For successful candidates, there will be another meeting to specify the scope of work and confirm the number of hours for the first few months of work. In the case of applicants based in or near London, UK, it will be an in-person meeting.


About working for Alphabet Zone

We prefer the Work Smart ethic to working hard and whatever we do, we are always very well organised, we don’t like wasting resources and we don’t do useless things just for the sake of keeping employees ‘busy’ at work – in consequence, the stress level is minimal, we are very efficient and can offer our employees competitive salaries and rates.

Because of the Global nature of our business, quite a lot of work can, and often will have to, be done remotely (telecommuting). However, we are gradually establishing offices across the globe, so many of our employees will have the chance to actually work from the local office.

We are aiming at having employees in each and every country of the world to be able to better understand the needs and challenges unique to those regions and to serve our clients better.

We are also aiming at having at least two employees working on each task, so that you can completely forget about work when you go on holidays or are sick, because the other one(s) will be able to do all the work without bothering you. It is all about Team Work and Cooperation, and very likely you will work in a few different, both local and cross-national, teams.

Finally, things such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age, appearance, religious beliefs or interests do not matter as long as they are not hostile, offensive, disrespectful or discriminating towards others. What matters are Attitude, Aptitude and the Skills which you bring with you and acquire while working with Alphabet Zone.

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