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Every day, students and professionals all over the world miss out on great career development opportunities, companies fail to secure lucrative business deals, and misunderstandings between friends and colleagues cause distress and frustration – all of this because of poor language and communication skills in English.

Whether we like it or not, English is already an established language of international communication. Business is done on a global scale with more and more multi-national organisations as well as leading American and British companies setting up overseas establishments, Shared Service Centres and Business Process Outsourcing units in many countries across the world. More and more companies trade internationally. The global workforce is on the move and hundreds of thousands of people seek employment abroad every year. More and more leading universities worldwide offer top-quality courses in English in their home countries. Finally, millions of people interact globally on social media, numerous internet forums or even play games on international servers.

English is a must these days and the higher you are aiming, the higher quality of English you need, especially that for the native-English-speaking world, the level and quality of English you speak and write is the indicator of your intelligence and professionalism.

Competition is tough and will only get tougher. It’s the survival of the fittest and Google translator will not help you survive, let alone shine, in the English-speaking Global Village – we will !


Alphabet   Zone  is a blend of e-Publishing and Language School. We offer a range of EFL/ESL products and services – from interactive online self-study materials for learning English and exam preparation, through to e-learning and blended learning English language lessons and courses.