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Please note: We are not yet another platform that is a marketplace for teachers and students. All our teachers are qualified, recruited, trained and supported by Alphabet Zone, and have to comply with Alphabet Zone’s high quality standards. Whether they are native or non-native English speakers, we make sure that they know English very well and are able to teach it well.

Lessons are one-to-one and are highly personalised and tailored to your very specific needs. Lessons are online – you log in to a virtual classroom and you have a lesson with a teacher just as you would have it face-to-face. The benefits of online lessons include:

  • you save time and money on travelling to lessons
  • you are not limited to the teachers who live in your area and can have high quality lessons with the best teachers in your country – or in the world
  • you have access to more resources and learning materials during lessons, which makes them more interesting and efficient
  • lessons are recorded and after each lesson you receive an audio and video recording (mp4), so revising between lessons is better as you don’t need to rely only on your notes and it helps a lot with learning the right pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences. 

Lessons are available during and outside our office hours, including weekends.

How to contact us?

If you would like to learn English or prepare for IELTS with our qualified and experienced teachers:

email us at or use our contact form.

How does Lessons Zone work?

    • Contact us, saying why you want or need to learn English, for example because you need to prepare for IELTS or another test/exam in English, or because you need to learn English for your job, or you need it outside your job to travel, socialize or live in an English-speaking country.
    • You will speak with our Director of Studies to determine what and how you need to learn. You might also be asked to take a placement test. 
    • We will prepare a study program tailored to your needs and choose the best teacher for you.

How much does it cost?

20-minute trial lesson: £20 

English for Life and English for Work
4x 60mins:   £150
8x 60mins:   £270 save £30
12x 60mins: £360 save £90
4x 90mins:   £200
8x 90mins:   £360 save £40
12x 90mins: £500 save £100


IELTS preparation and Business English
4x 60mins:   £190
8x 60mins:   £340 save £40
12x 60mins: £470 save £100
4x 90mins:   £260
8x 90mins:   £470 save £50
12x 90mins: £660 save £120