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Please note: We help professionals get their dream jobs and students get a place at their dream universities, keeping our clients’ information confidential at all times. Please be informed that although we support recruitment processes for various organizations, we are not a recruitment agency and we do not capture leads and we never share our clients’ data with any third parties – we use your data only to be able to provide our services to you. We may refer you, i.e. tell you about, job opportunities suitable for you if we know about them, but it will be solely your decision whether to apply for them or not.


Who is Careers Services Zone for?

Careers Services Zone is for both native and non-native English speakers who apply for jobs or places at university and need a CV/resume, Cover Letter or an admission essay in English and are going to have interviews in English – whether you are applying to the UK, the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, or globally.

Among our clients there are often:

  • professionals who work for small local companies and want to apply for a job to a much larger company or a global corporation
  • professionals who haven’t changed jobs and haven’t taken part in recruitment processes for a longer while and need to update their CVs/resumes and prepare for interviews
  • professionals seeking employment abroad when the recruitment process is in English
  • professionals applying for jobs after a longer period of unemployment or absence from work
  • students applying to colleges and universities in English, in their home countries or abroad
  • students who want to continue their higher education abroad, or apply for internships abroad or in their home countries

What and how can we do for you?

An expertly written, individually designed and professionally presented CV/resume will definitely help you to get shortlisted for an interview and you will be much better prepared to talk about your professional experience during a job interview. Preparing for a job interview will help you feel and sound more confident during the interview, will lower the stress level and reduce, or even eliminate, situations when after the interview you realise that you could have answered some questions in a better, or much better, way. Our professional team of career coaches as well as language and recruitment experts can help you with:

  • creating from scratch, rewriting or proofreading your CV/resume in English
  • job interview preparation – from entry level positions and all the way up to the very top
  • creating from scratch, rewriting or proofreading your Cover Letter (a.k.a. covering letter, motivation letter, motivational letter or a letter of motivation) in English
  • writing, editing or proofreading your college/university admission essays (a.k.a. application essay, personal statement or statement of purpose) in English
  • admission interview preparation in English

Whether you only want to make sure that your CV/resume or essay are free of language errors or need help with the content and ideas, we can help.

Whether you only want to rehearse before a job interview and get professional feedback and some last-minute useful tips or need to prepare answers to interview questions to confidently and effectively communicate your assets and objectives to a recruiter, a hiring manager, or an admission officer – we can help. If needed, we will also help you discover your strengths and potential as well as help you decided on the best career path. We can also help you understand job adverts and share insights into specifics of working in a particular type of an organization.

How much does it cost?

Contacting us to discuss your needs and challenges doesn’t cost anything and you get a free review of the document you send. Then we advise what and how would work best for you and say how much it will cost – then you decide whether to use our services and how. Our packages:


For students and graduates with up to 12 months of work experience applying for internships and entry level positions.

Read more to learn about pricing and what is included in the STARTER packages.


For professionals and tradespeople with over 12 months of work experience at non-managerial level who would like to progress in their careers or change a career path.

Read more to learn about pricing and what is included in the CAREER BUILDER packages.


For professionals applying for team-leader and mid-level managerial positions or for senior specialist roles.

Read more to learn about pricing and what is included in the MANAGERIAL or SENIOR SPECIALIST packages.


For C-level professionals, Directors, General Managers, Presidents, VPs.

Read more to learn about pricing and what is included in the EXECUTIVE packages.

How to contact us?

If you would like to use our Careers Services, please contact us, saying what you need help with and why:
email us at or use our contact form.